Yellow Belt Syllabus (7th Kyu)

The yellow belt grading is traditionally one of the hardest as it is typically the first grading a jitsuka will have done and hence they have no real idea of what to expect. Aditionally with no previous basis to work from learning all of the techniques required for yellow belt is an arduous task. But commitment and perseverance will pay dividend to the dedicated jitsuka.

A running theme of gradings is often to see how a jitsuka reacts under pressure. No matter how bad you think you are doing keep going. Never give in. Someone may tell you that your technique is poor. They may be telling the truth. They may be trying to see if they can demoralise you. They may even be trying to get you to tap into your full potential. In any case try and push yourself that little bit further and at the very least you should impress yourself.


  • Students must have good style and control
  • Students must be familiar with basic terminology
  • Students must be familiar with appropriate levels of physical contact
  • Breakfalling must be of a sufficient standard as to train safely
  • Demonstration of the ability to move out of the way of and defend from a basic attack (grab, punch, kick) by use of basic Jitsu techniques
  • Demonstrate an attitude to make use of reasonable effort to defend oneself
  • Control of balance of self and others - using own body weight


  • Forwards jitsu roll - kneeling & standing
  • Backwards jitsu roll - kneeling & standing
  • Sideways jitsu roll - kneeling & standing
  • Peg leg fall(left & right sided)
  • Ukemi kata (breakfalling - set movements) - kneeling & standing


  • KO SOTO GAKE - minor outer prop/hook
  • KO SOTO GARI - minor outer reap
  • O SOTO GARI - major outer reap


  • Wrist Grabs
    • Release from a like handed wrist grab
    • Release from a cross handed wrist grab
  • Hair grab - front & behind
  • Strangle - front & behind
  • Ear grab - front & behind
  • Single lapel grab
  • Double lapel grab


  • Straight orthodox (lunging) punch


  • Arm Locks (3 locks, first three of the standard six)
  • Wrist Locks (3 locks, no take downs)


  • Jitsu Dangerous Parts Kata
    • Head (8 points)
    • Body (7 points)
    • Back (8 points)
  • Bottle disarms from overhead and backhand attacks
  • Kuzushi
    • Defences against kicks & punches - kicks, strikes, and throws.
    • Single attacker
    • 'V' - attack formation