Purple Belt

Purple Belt Outline - (4th kyu)

Purple belt is the first of the senior grades and is one at which responsibility of some of the development of the lower grades in a club is typically undertaken.

Sharpness of technique and an air of confidence will go a long way to getting a jitsuka through the grading.


  • Attendance of an assitant instructor course
  • Experience of teaching novices under the supervision of a club instructor
  • Starting to demonstrate style - including posture and movement
  • Starting to use some medium complexity decision making and spatial awareness
  • Starting to demonstrate a real understanding of self defence issues


  • Hand stand breakfall
  • Forwards roll - kiba dachi to kiba dachi
  • Forwards Jitsu roll - single handed
  • Forwards Unorthodox Jitsu roll


  • Ashi Garuma
  • Hane Goshi
  • Ko Uchi Gari - from a punch
  • Kokyu Nage
  • Kotomo Seio Nage
  • O Garuma
  • O Soto Otoshi
  • O Uchi Gari - from a punch
  • Tawara Gaeshi - in countering head lock 2
  • Yoko Otoshi


  • Head Locks (3 locks, last three of the standard 6) - from punches


  • Head locks (first three of the standard six)
  • Wrist locks
  • Arm locks (last three of the standard six)


  • Judo Holds
    • Juji Gatame
    • Ude Garami
    • Ude Gatame


  • Defences against bokken - vertical strike only
  • Defences against a safety chain
  • Defences against slash attacks (knife)
  • Empi Kata
  • Defence against two-man attacks
    • Grabbing a wrist each
    • Armed with bottles
    • Straight punches