Orange Belt

Senior Orange Belt Syllabus (6th Kyu)

As with all jitsu gradings, you will be expected to be able to complete up to the current grade's grading and then the one you are grading for. So basically you need to know all of the stuff for your yellow belt as well as for your orange belt.

At orange belt you will be expected to perform yellow belt techniques to a higher standard and to generally be more confident and effective within a violent situation such as a 'V' or circle.


  • Good demonstration of hip movement for hip throws
  • Throwing from close quarter grabs as well as punches
  • Dealing with simple weapon attacks using simple techniques
  • Basic understanding of the importance of posture


  • Front drop
  • "Over the belt"
  • "Kick-up & drop"/Side drop
  • Travelling sideways roll


  • Arm locks (3 locks, last three of the standard six)
  • Wrist locks (3) with take down and finish off (diving is not required)



  • Mae Geri (front kick)
  • Yoko Geri (Side kick)


  • Roundhouse/hook punch


  • Over arm body grab (from in front and behind)
  • Under arm body grab (from in front and behind)


  • Judo Holds
    • Keza Gatame
    • Kata Gatame
    • Yoko Shiho Gatame


  • Defences against baton attacks
  • Knowledge of warm-up & cool-down techniques and their importance