Light Blue Belt

Light Blue Belt Outline - (3rd kyu)

Light blue belt begins to call upon some of the more advanced and potentially dangerous Jiu Jitsu techniques. In order to successfully achieve the standards required by this grade, the jitsuka must demonstrate a capability to use anything against an opponent - a strike, a throw, a weapon, another opponent, a lock, a strangle, ..., etc.


  • Improved style and control and more complex techniques
  • An awareness of what makes techniques work and understanding of he "essence" of each technique


  • Backwards roll off a person stood in a leapfrog position (i.e. bent double)
  • Cut out - "over the belt" with no support
  • "Kick-up & drop"/Side drop - no support
  • Leg pull into front drop
  • Forwards Jitsu roll with extended height and distance
  • No handed forwards Jitsu roll


  • Head locks (last three of the standard six)


  • Wrist Grabs
    • Release from two simultaneous left to right and right to left hand grabs from behind


  • De Ashi Barai/Harai
  • Drop Knee Seio Nage
  • Ko Tsuri Komi Goshi
  • Kote Gaeshi
  • Morote Seio Nage
  • Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi
  • Uchi Mata
  • Uki Otoshi
  • Yoko Garuma

Gatame Waza - Judo Holds

  • Full knowledge of gatame waza is required
    • Basic hold downs
    • Broken hold downs
    • Reverse hold downs
    • Broken reversed hold downs

Strangles/Chokes (Seniors only)

  • Standard strangles and counters (5)


  • Defence against two-man attacks
    • Armed with batons
      • Full application of wrist locks against punches and knife attacks
      • Defences from being grabbed around the neck from the rear
      • Baton disarms for forearm and backhand attacks
      • Basic knowledge of nage no kata with practical application of koshi waza
      • Defences from a prone position
      • Defences from a knife attack to the stomach
      • Defences against two unarmed attackers