Dark Blue Belt

Dark Blue Belt Outline - (2nd kyu)

The dark blue belt grading is particularly difficult as an underlying theme is for the jitsuka to demonstrate that they are (quite simply) better than a light blue belt. The prospective jitsuka must try and outclass their blue belted brethren in terms of style, knowledge and perfection of technique.

No problem.... but there's also a heap of new techniques to perfect as well.


  • Attendance of an instructor course
  • Demonstration of one's own style - making techniques one's own
  • A demonstrated ability to control / lead one's own environment


  • Assisted cutaway from Uki Otoshi


  • Leg Locks (5)


  • Leg Locks


  • Okuri Ashi Barai/Harai
  • Shiho Nage
  • Tomoe Nage
  • Ude Garuma
  • Uki Waza
  • Ushiro Goshi
  • Yama Arashi
  • Yoko Gake
  • Yoko Wakara


  • Defence against a grab'n'punch attack
  • Defence against a baseball bat
  • Knoweldge of nage no kata inclluding practical application of ashi waza
  • Defence using a baton against unarmed attackers
  • Knowledge of first aid
  • Defence against slash attacks with a knife