Green Belt Outline - (5th kyu)

By the time a jitsuka is going for green belt, they are equipped with pretty much everything they need for self-defence. From this point on it becomes much more than being able to defend yourself against an assailant and much more towards demonstrating the art that is Jiu Jitsu.

  • Demonstration of the will to survive 
  • Increased confidence in breakfalling 
  • Starting to demonstrate an understanding of some medium complexity techniques - including locks, counters and strikes as well as throws 
  • Demonstrating control with locks and weapons 
  • Dealing appropriately with continuous kick and punch attacks 
  • Improved posture


  • Advanced Ukemi 
    • Forwards Jitsu roll over a person on all fours 
    • Backwards Jitsu roll off a person on all fours 
  • Judo roll


  • Harai Goshi 
  • Irime Nage 
  • Ko Uchi Gari - from Mae Geri 
  • O Uchi Gari - from Mae Geri 
  • Tai Otoshi 
  • Tani Otoshi 
  • Tsuri Komi Goshi 
  • Uki Goshi


  • Six ground immobilizations involving arm or wrist locks 
  • Judo Holds 
    • Ushiro Yoko Shiho Gatame 
    • Kamae Shiho Gatame 
    • Tate Shiho Gatame 
    • Ushiro Keza Gatame 
    • Mune Gatame


  • Head Locks (3 locks, first three of the standard six) - from punches


  • Wrist Grabs 
    • Release from two simultaneous left to right and right to left hand grabs from the front


  • Arm locks 1-3


  • Ushiro Geri 
  • Mawashi Geri


  • Hair, ear and strangle releases should include a full application finish 
  • Defences against a broken bottle 
  • Defences against a knife 
  • Defences against circles of armed and unarmed attackers